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Basic Goals of Life


There are three basic goals of life and education that systems of education need to be aware of and address if they are to educate responsibly.

Ambassadors for Peace

Community leaders are encouraged to use their talents and passions for others and to contribute to making a better world. Join in our online peace initiatives or see what is happening and be inspired.

​About Love


Lasting love is an art to be learned, requiring a range of virtues, insights, and skills.

Foundations for a Culture of Peace


A culture of peace differs from the politics of peace. The term culture of peace focuses on the internal factors that contribute to the way to peace. Culture suggests our mindset, identity, and way of living. It is the shared set of assumptions, values, and beliefs of a group of people by which we organize our common life. 

Who Are We?

Join our Tribe

Uplifting Education is a movement to nourish not just the intellect but the heart and equip people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. We promote the "Life Goals Approach" to understand basic goals of life and their application.
We'd love to hear your thoughts and inspirations as well as encourage you through the challenging times. Check out the Holy Community of Heart Facebook Group  where we can learn, grow, and celebrate each other's breakthroughs. 
Our Vision Statement

We seek to nourish not just the intellect but the heart and equip people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.


The search for purpose is connected to three life goals: to achieve individual maturity, to cultivate harmonious and loving relationships, and to make a valuable contribution to society.


Achieving these life goals provides great personal satisfaction as it enhances others’ lives as well.

About Us

The Meaning of
Our Logo

The heart represents both the development of heart within each person and the HEART approach of Uplifting Education.

The four leaves represent openness, the sprouting of ownership, parenthood, entrepreneurship, and leadership.


The diamond represents the preciousness of each person. The diamond also represents the "4 Position Foundation."

Our Approach
  • Herald and Support a True Family Culture

  • Expand Heart, Mind, and Spirit

  • Actualize True Love and Heavenly Communities

  • Reinforce Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, and Universally Shared Values

  • Teach Emotional Sensitivity, Intuition/Reason, and the Application of Goodness.