About Us

Reaching Out to the Sun

Our Vision Statement

We seek to nourish not just the intellect but the heart and equip people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.


The search for purpose is connected to three life goals: to achieve individual maturity, to cultivate harmonious and loving relationships, and to make a valuable contribution to society.


Achieving these life goals provides personal joy and happiness as it enhances others’ lives as well.


Our Logo

The heart represents both the development of heart within each person and the HEART approach of Uplifting Education.

The four leaves represent openness and the sprouting of ownership, parenthood, entrepreneurship, and leadership.


The diamond represents the preciousness of each person.


Guiding Value - HEART

  •  Habits of Mind

  •  Emotion, Intellect, and Will

  •  Academic Excellence

  •  Recognizing Strengths

  •  Truth, Beauty, and Goodness 

Heart, being the core of the human personality, is expressed through the mind's faculties of emotion, intellect, and will. The pursuit of beauty leads to works of art and poetry; the pursuit of truth leads to the achievements of philosophy, science, and religion; and the pursuit of goodness leads to great theater and literature and to proper action in business, education, and politics.

Uplifting Education High School Advisory students receive daily guidance and support for their goals. The objective is to gain badges and earn awards to eventually be honored with the "Uplifting Education of Heart Certificate."