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Frequently Asked Questions

Help high school students cultivate their passion and purpose so that they can reach their full potential and positive well-being in less than 20 minutes a day!

What does the enrollment to Uplifting Education High School Advisory include?

We offer support for students to earn the esteemed Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate. Each student is assigned to an advisory where they will have the resources and guidance to achieve success. Of course, the student is responsible to make effort and respond to the advisory.  The advisor will be getting to know the student and working together to get the best outcome possible. As students gain badges, they will see them appear in their digital portfolio along with other perks for encouragement and recognition.

Do you send any physical materials? 

In addition to the online portion of the program, if students earn at least one badge after three months, they will be sent a inspirational kit which includes a sturdy box to collect earned puzzle pieces and a 100 + page guidebook. In July each year, we will send the puzzle pieces that represent the badges earned each year. There is a total of 84 strong acrylic puzzle pieces that make the puzzle of the Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate complete. It measures about 9 X 10.5 inches when complete. Framing it and displaying it in your home or office will be an honor for you. (Ships to US addresses free. International addresses may require an extra fee.)

How do you earn the badges?

It's simple although not necessarily easy. Students utilize a powerful digital platform that arranges their learning playlists in a step-by-step order. If students check-in for 20 minutes each school day or 90 minutes a week, they can work through their strength-based journey. The lessons are often video clips, key action steps, short stories, or directions. The lessons usually introduce something and ask for feedback. Most students find the videos and stories interesting. In addition, all the guidance and instructions are able to be read aloud for ease. The lessons are not all the same style and the voices that read for you are different each time so there is a lot of variety. The lessons are usually divided into exercises that can be completed in 20 minutes or less. When students log on to their platform, they are prompted with a direct click to their next exercise in the lesson they had been working on.

Who is this for?

This high school advisory is available for students who have a desire to succeed in life and who are willing to put in the effort to make it happen. Students who are enrolled in a traditional school can join the advisory as an extra curricular enrichment, or "club." Homeschool students may use this advisory for support in their courses and for accountability, guidance, tracking, and comradery. The Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate will be awarded to anyone who has fulfilled all the requirements. An Uplifting Education High School transcript and diploma (if applicable) is available by request.

What is the purpose of the Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate?

The Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate recognizes the investment of students to grow their heart, mind, and spirit. Thriving Heart is our motto, and our guiding value is the Life Goals Approach. In a nutshell, that means to achieve individual maturity, to cultivate harmonious and loving relationships, and to make a valuable contribution to society. Advisory students receive daily guidance and support for their goals to be their best future selves.

When can we start?

You can start anytime because you set your own goals.  

The monthly payments are due every 1st of the month according to the calendar months. Any portion of the calendar month needs a full payment so you get the most value by starting at the beginning of the month. 

How much time does this require?

You set your own goals but the general purpose of the program is to work toward earning the Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate. The amount of time spent on activities and projects depends on each student. A general guideline is to spend at least 20 minutes a day on school days or an hour and a half a week. If the students are motivated, they will forget about the time and delve deeper into explorations. 

What are the values of the "Habits of Mind", "Social Emotional Learning", "Strengths Based Approach", "Design Thinking", "Well-Being Index", and "Optimal Living"?

Here are links to video clips explaining these topics and why they are valuable:

Habits of Mind

Social Emotional Learning

Strength Based Approach

Design Thinking

Well-Being Index

Optimal Living

What do you do about the summer break or other holidays?

You can stop your payments for the summer and start again in the fall. Some students like to catch up in the summer or they like it and want to continue. Other students enroll just for summer enrichment. 

What if the students graduate from high school but still want to earn the Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate?

As long as students participated in the program for at least a year, they are welcome to continue earning their badges (as long as you are willing to pay the monthly fee) for up to three years.

Is this religious based?

It is inter-denominational. We do not require any particular belief to receive the badges but we do promote universal values and ethics. Students are free to speak about their values and beliefs as long as they are respectful of other viewpoints. Parents are welcome to view all discussions on the platform and if there are problems, we will address them. In addition, parents have access to all lessons. If you would like to substitute comparable activities based on your particular religious beliefs, we are open to it. We provide details about all our playlists and badge requirements on the "Yearly Progression" page.

What are your refund and cancellation policies?

You are able to get a full refund, upon request, for the first month only within the first 14 days. After that period of time, there are no refunds even if you start over again later. Our advisors spend a lot of time and energy for the students  but to be fair to you, we allow you time to see if it's a good fit. We keep the enrollment on a month to month basis to make it more convenient for you. If we do not receive your tuition by the first of the month, the student will be put on hold and not able to log in until a payment is received. 

What if we want to change advisory or playlists?

We are here to serve you. We will try to accommodate your interests and/or requests. At any time if you are having trouble with something or someone, please notify us as soon as possible so we can resolve it. 

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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