Freshman Year


Uplifting Education High School’s freshman year is dedicated to fostering great relationships and getting students to embrace to idea of being responsible for their own learning.   Our students get the sense of Uplifting Education’s philosophy, culture, and structures.  The year begins with the students doing a great deal of interest exploration activities and completing an introspective analysis and the “Personal Success Plan” project.  Students are also introduced to the internship process and are given their first opportunities to experience these internships or projects in real world settings, leading to competencies and the acquisition of targeted skills.


Throughout their high school years, we expose students to the variety of professional, academic, and social paths available to be pursued after high school; and plan students’ academic course in order to maximize students’ post-high school opportunities



Sophomore Year


Uplifting Education’s High School’s tenth grade students have a clearer understanding of the school’s expectations and better understand how to take responsibility for their own learning.  The experience is manifested in the way they interact with their Advisors, mentors, and peers.  The focus for the sophomore year shifts from the school imparting most of the lessons to the students demonstrating to the advisor that they have genuinely internalized the philosophy.  The quarterly online presentations are the students’ opportunity to demonstrate that they in fact have taken responsibility for their own learning and that Uplifting Education is working for them. 


Students continue to improve their skills including the areas of critical thinking, analysis, critiquing, and human relationships.  Through integrated courses and activities the students learn about US History, Money Management, Communication, and Cultural Intelligence.

Junior Year


The junior year with Uplifting Education High School is about moving forward with post high school expectations and further demonstration of the values that were imparted in the previous two years.  This year students deepen their empirical and quantitative reasoning  along with exploring strategic thinking skills, mindfullness, and influence.


The Senior Thesis Project (STP) is a two-year project that is developed in the junior year and completed in the senior year. During the junior year students are required to do the groundwork and planning that will allow the project to be a success from conception to completion.  Keeping in line with the community philosophy, the project must have some applicable relevance to helping their community.  Some requirements include a college level research paper, business plan, video documentary, and a thesis defense exhibition.


Students participate in college level courses to gain a better understanding of the rigors and feel of university life and professional situations. 


Snapshot of the Calendar used in the student portal.

Senior Year


The twelfth grade is designed for students to amalgamate the skills learned during all previous years to demonstrate competency of real-world practices in all forms of their work. During students’ senior year with Uplifting Education High School their focus is continued on their Senior Thesis Project and college entrance, a GAP year, and/or other future plans.  During the first portion students complete their research and then begin working on the actual implementation of their Senior Thesis Project timelines. 


Students narrow down college, GAP year, and/or other future choices and engage in any application process for completion by midyear.


During the latter half of the year, students must engage in a rigorous but fun reflective writing piece: the autobiographical prospection .  Students recount their stories from childhood to graduation with a focus on overcoming challenges and lessons learned.  They must also complete their final digital portfolios with work from their entire time with Uplifting Education High School.

During the first semester, students complete their Personal Success Plan and Project exploring their interests, careers, goals, etc.