Guiding Values and Approach

Help high school students cultivate their passion and purpose so that they can reach their full potential and positive well-being in less than 20 minutes a day!


Heart, being the core of the human personality, is expressed through the mind's faculties of emotion, intellect, and will. People with pure hearts pursue and seek to realize the highest ideals: The emotions seek beauty, the intellect prizes truth, and the will pursues goodness.


The products of culture arise through the achievements of talented individuals who pursue these ends: the pursuit of beauty leads to works of art and poetry; the pursuit of truth leads to the achievements of philosophy, science, and religion; and the pursuit of goodness leads to great theater and literature and to proper action in business, education, and politics.

Deeper than emotion, intellect, or will, heart is the impulse to love and to be united in love with the object of love. Heart inspires two types of desires: (1) to seek value for our own happiness, and (2) to manifest value for the joy of others. Motivated by true love, people cultivate truth, beauty, and goodness for the joy of others, and they delight in perceiving truth, beauty, and goodness in their beloved.

Advisory students receive daily guidance and support for their goals to be their best future selves.. The objective is to gain badges and earn awards to eventually be honored with the "Uplifting Education of Heart Certificate."

Life Goals Approach

The Life Goals Approach can help chart a clear course with purpose in our life. The first life goal is to elevate our personal strengths, skills, and maturity. It’s finding our inner harmony. The second life goal is developing loving and enriching relationships, especially in the context of our family. Our associations affect the environment we activate. The third life goal is to enhance the lives of others through our unique contributions. 

Success in the third life goal needs the foundation of a mature character (first life goal) and loving relationships (second life goal). Our character can be likened to the roots of a tree. The trunk and branches of the tree symbolize our relationships with others. Our contributions to society are the fruits.

Heart is the irresistible impulse to find joy through loving and being loved (why we live). Joy is the purpose of life (what we live for). Love is the way heart can reach its goal (how we live). Ethical norms guide the focus of our love (for whom we live).


Ultimately the goal of developing heart and character is to become a person capable of altruistically loving others. As people develop their knowledge, skills, and technical expertise, they have the potential to be of enormous benefit to the larger society.

Our Philosophy

Education should also foster goodness. There are two types of education: universal education and individual education. Universal education is meant for everyone. It is education of heart and morality to foster good character and good citizenship. Individual education is particularized according to the talents of the student. It includes academics, physical education, technical and vocational education, and classes in art, music and other creative subjects. These develop personal creativity and the seeds of genius implanted in each person. A balanced education includes both universal and individual aspects.


Schools would benefit from instilling in each student a sense of shared responsibility for creating a moral culture. The deepest motivation for moral striving arises from the heart—in particular; the heart is the source of the fundamental impulse for relatedness. It is what motivates a person to yearn for the joy of loving and being loved, the satisfaction of valuing and being valued. 

We seek the inner satisfaction that comes with being good at what we do and making a difference in the lives of others. Real mastery requires training, effort, discipline, and focus. These are the normal choices in the path to competence and success. Our desire for mastery springs from our deepest heart.

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