The Life Goals Approach

Life Goals


to Education

The Life Goals Approach to Education nourishes not just the intellect but the heart and equips people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Achieving the three life goals provides great personal satisfaction as it enhances others’ lives.
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Learn strategies for supporting student creativity, motivation, compassion, and connections.
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The way to internal peace does not steer itself. We need to be proactive and involved with daily effort to forge this uncharted territory. This Family Values Enrichment encourages individuals to reflect, change, and grow in maturity of heart, mind, and spirit.
Family Values


Christian Family
Values Enrichment

Coming Soon

Family Values



You will soon be able to order the same books in print that you have available on the Family Values Enrichment Facebook Groups.  Dig a little deeper in thought and conversation.
The Christian Family Values book series is the same as the Family Value Series with the addition of Bible quotes presented on every topic for extra reference.
These journals are colorful and inspiring to write in.

Now Available

Filial Devotion -

A Game of Heart

(Board Game)

Would you like to have fun playing a board game based on family values?  The object of the game is to strive to reach the highest level of Heart while collecting Fulfillment Points (FPs) along the way. 
For Ages 12 and Up
  •  Have Fun Strategizing Multiple Ways to Attain Noble Goals

  •  Encourages Virtues, Service, Good Habits, & Joyful Thriving

  •  Brings Awareness to Filial Piety and God's All-Loving Heart




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