The Life Goals Approach

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Life Goals Approach
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The Life Goals Approach to Education nourishes not just the intellect but the heart and equips people to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Achieving the three life goals provides great personal satisfaction as it enhances others’ lives.

Uplifting Education High School Advisory

An Online Advisory Offering Daily Guidance, Support, Resources, and Accountability

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Advisory students receive daily guidance and support for their goals to be their best future selves.   The objective is to gain badges and earn awards to eventually be honored with the esteemed "Uplifting Education of Heart Certificate."

Our motto is to Discover Your Heart. Our guiding value is the Life Goals Approach. In a nutshell, that means to achieve individual maturity, to cultivate harmonious and loving relationships, and to make a valuable contribution to society. 

Through authentic learning, we empower learners with a broad scope of ideas, concepts, designs, and facts etc. for them to stimulate their interests.

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Filial Devotion -
A Game of Heart
(Board Game)

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Would you like to have fun playing a board game based on family values?  The object of the game is to strive to reach the highest level of Heart while collecting Fulfillment Points (FPs) along the way. 
For Ages 12 and Up

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