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Awaken Your Parenting Ability

Connect in heart with your teens to maximize their potential with a "Parenting Roadmap"


Are you not able to give your teen the personal attention they deserve because you are shuffling a zillion things in your daily life?

Do you want to have a good rapport with your teen, but you don't feel as connected as you'd like to be?

We all need support to address the moral, social, and emotional needs of our teens.

What regrets do empty-nest parents have about parenting and what would they do differently?

Studies have shown that their greatest regret is related to the parent–child connection.

Download this free: " Summary of the Report on Parenting Advice & Regrets from Empty-Nesters" .pdf

Join us on the "Parenting Roadmap Towards Connection"
Go from being uncertain to becoming confident in your connection with your teen.
Parenting Roadmap Towards Connection_edi
Morning Rituals
"Parenting Roadmap Towards Connection" Details

1. Register - Check out "Thriving HEART" - a free mini-course offering guidance for parents to connect in heart with their teens. Thriving Heart Playlist Link

2. Receive - Be supported by a weekly newsletter showcasing a particular video clip and community discussion that sparks ideas and ways to connect with your teen.

3. Explore - Register your teen (free) on Thrively and explore this convenient turn-key solution we use as our platform. Connect on Thrively Select the journey you want to take with your teen by choosing the playlists that work best for your family. (Optional premium playlists are available for a small fee.)

4. Check In - Carve out a few minutes on certain days of the week to check in with your teen's journey on Thrively.

5. Connect - Gain insights into your teen’s learning styles and character strengths and help your child reach their full potential by doing the things that matter to them.

What Parents Say About Thrively

When we were invited to sign up for Thrively I didn’t realize that it would be the catalyst to a deep conversation and introspection for my 14 year old. It seemed to open her heart’s door. As a parent, this is nirvana.

Joyce Cherrier 

In the end, this is what it is all about: Getting the child active, engaged, and in a situation where they can be successful and happy. At its core, Thrively has the ability to literally CHANGE kids lives for the better.

Jason Ramsey

Thiving Heart Adventure
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