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Physical Fitness

A homeschool co-op is one place that your child can learn and practice new movements. Movement training and physical play also create a better learning environment. Introduction

Physical Education can be thought of as movement training. Teaching your children how to move 

their bodies is critical to their physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental well-being. 

There is an enormous amount of research that provides much information on the crucial role 

movement plays in the education of all children.


  •  It is well known that movement training increases the brain’s ability to focus. 


  •  Physical Education strengthens the brain cells involved in planning, memory, and learning.


  •  When children play strenuously, muscle cells release proteins that stimulate neuron growth and function in the brain.


  •  When children are physically educated they are healthier in all areas of their lives. They manage stress better, are less anxious, focus better, and are better behaved. 


These are just a few examples of why physical education is necessary for all children.


There are several obstacles that may hinder families from incorporating physical education 

classes into their daily plan. There may not be anyone who feels qualified to lead the children in 

a physical education class. There may be space issues or no gym available. There may be a wide 

age range of children. These are genuine concerns, but it is possible for almost any parent to lead 

a class if they are given some guidance, lesson plans and have a bit of creativity to overcome 

unforeseen problems. The Family Time Fitness Co-op Program is designed to provide lesson 

plans and guidance to help the physical education instructor. 

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