• Uplifting Education

The Culture of Heart

Heart, being the core of the human personality, is expressed through the mind's faculties of emotion, intellect, and will. When the heart is corrupt these faculties pursue what is equally corrupt; when the heart is pure these mental faculties seek after what is pure. Therefore, people with pure hearts pursue and seek to realize the highest ideals: The emotions seek beauty, the intellect prizes truth, and the will pursues goodness. The products of culture arise through the achievements of talented individuals who pursue these ends: the pursuit of beauty leads to works of art and poetry; the pursuit of truth leads to the achievements of philosophy, science, and religion; and the pursuit of goodness leads to great theater and literature and to proper action in business, education, and politics.

Education should also foster goodness. There are two types of education: universal education and individual education. Universal education is meant for everyone. It is education of heart and morality to foster good character and good citizenship. Individual education is particularized according to the talents of the student. It includes academics, physical education, technical and vocational education, and classes in art, music and other creative subjects. These develop personal creativity and the seeds of genius implanted in each person. A balanced education includes both universal and individual aspects.

The family has the primary responsibility for teaching about love and morality, but when it is not continued in the schools, young people easily lose their way. In the culture of heart, schools will see themselves as extensions of the family. Teachers will have a large-hearted love for their pupils as though they were their own children. Because there will be agreement on universally shared values, parents and teachers will readily cooperate to make the school experience supportive of the norms taught in the home.

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