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Podcast with Dr. Dona Matthews

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The science of raising happily productive kids with Dr. Dona Matthews
February 9, 2015 Podcast with Dona Matthews,

Expert Dona Matthews presents ample research regarding how to help children flourish into happy and successful adults. Scott guides the interview across a wide array of vital domains including creativity, flow, standardized testing, growth mindsets and the many myths about intelligence.

In this episode you will hear about:

  • A more comprehensive definition of intelligence

  • How saying “you’re brilliant!” can actually hinder a child’s potential

  • The current state and evolving trends in education

  • Carol Dweck’s seminal research on “growth mindsets”

  • The importance of praising “process over talent”

  • How categorization of children can pigeon hole

  • How context and environment affect intelligence

  • The value of unstructured playtime and life balance

  • How even hyper-intelligent children can have learning issues

  • What it means to be both gifted and learning disabled

  • Common misconceptions associated with intelligence and talent

  • Practical tips for nurturing happy productivity

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