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How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes

Lessons Learned: Posted by Jon Gregoire on August 13, 2013

This is a stop-and-reflect kind of TED talk that preaches passion and generosity. Leipzig maintains that knowing these 5 questions can identify your life purpose.

  • Who are you?

  • What do you do? – What are you best at?

  • Who do you do it for? – Ex. family, parents, friends, wife, husband etc.

  • What do those people want or need? – Why do people come to you for that thing you do?

  • What do those people got out of it? – How do they change as a result of what you do for them?

Personally, I’m not profoundly moved by these 5 questions. I think they require more thought than how Leipzig made them out. Knowing what you love to do and how it helps other people is certainly valuable, but what I really found relatable was the last 2 minutes of the talk.

I’ve been asked countless times what I do (as I’m sure you have, too), and I’ve made the mistake of telling people “online marketing,” and just saying that makes me feel awkward and small inside. I’m sure if you told people, “I sell office supplies,” you, too, might question your greater purpose.

Bottom line: If there’s 1 thing you can take away from this TED talk, it should be to identify what the greater, more external purpose is of what you love to do. When you can do that, not only will it make your work/hobby sound more interesting to other people, but you may just start to walk into work with more energy and purpose.

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