• Uplifting Education

Educating for True Potential

Here's an overview of what you'll learn:

1) Ken Wilber on Redesigning the Human Education

Ken shares his thoughts on why our current education is leaving humanity flying well below its true potential, and what needs to shift so in our education system so we can start educating for the "whole human being" rather than "human being 1/10th".

2) Michael Beckwith on Satori vs Kensho

According to Michael, there are essentially two key ways we "wake up". And when you learn the difference between the two, you will understand why pursuing spiritual growth can create more moments of inspiration, and less moments of pain.

3) Joe Vitale on Inspiration vs Intention

Joe's segment in this training is phenomenal, and it will completely shift the way you think you need to set goals in your life. You'll also discover why Joe believes that "intentions are for wimps".

4) Emily Fletcher on Listening to Inspiration

We all have those sparks of inspiration from time to time. But how often do you honor those moments? In the final segment, Emily will teach you why listening and acting on your inspiration is the fastest path to living your purpose.

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