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5 Reasons to Play Checkers With Your Children

Playing board games is an excellent way to build critical thinking skills and checkers is no exception. Playing checkers helps children to become better learners by flexing their “mental muscles” – as well as helping adults of all ages to keep agile minds. With so many board games available, why choose checkers? Here are 5 great reasons:

Memory Recall

There are so many potential moves in checkers it’s nearly impossible for a player to know them all. But, playing regularly over a period of time will help your child develop stronger memory skills and learn potential moves.

Increase Concentration Skills

Checkers requires one to focus their thinking and become better problem solvers. It will help enhance your child’s decision making skills and is also a good way to teach patience!

Build Self-Esteem & Self-Control

Self-confidence improves with each win (or each new move learned). The more you play, the more you improve and learn to trust your decisions. It’s a fantastic way to teach your child about trial and error and making sound judgments. Not to mention, players must learn to make careful moves or suffer the consequences of impulsive decisions.

Be Better Problem Solvers

As your child plays, they will have to think about “good/better/best” strategies for winning. While it’s just a board game, this will help them be more confident when having to solve everyday problems!

Social Skills

Checkers does more than just build intellect. It’s also a fun family activity. Time spent playing together strengthens the bond of family and friendship. So next time you have family game night, play checkers!

Want to play checkers – Under Drake’s Flag Style?

Download and print this special Under Drake’s Flag checkerboard with matching pieces. Choose either The Spanish Inquisition or The Golden Hind. For best results, tape game pieces to a coin so you can play again and again.

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