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Does True Love Limit Freedom?

The principles of love guide us as we develop our innate potential. Rather than limiting our freedom, mastering the principles of true love expands our potential for growth:

- Freedom is defined within rules or principles. Human beings are extremely sophisticated creatures, and it takes years of learning to explore and maximize our potential. Those who master the basic rules of reading, writing, and mathematics actually have much more freedom to accomplish things than individuals who never learned them.

- The outcome of our actions affects the larger whole as well as ourselves. Therefore, we are motivated by our responsibility to ourselves and others.

- True freedom pursues substantial results that advance us on the path of accomplishing our life goals and brings increasing happiness.

The initial qualification for success in some of the most privileged aspects of life -- marriage and parenthood -- is based on the level of our maturity of character. The responsibilities and privileges of family, career, and citizenship are grounded in integrity, trust, and faithfulness. Consequently, the highest use of our freedom is to make moral decisions that will bring us closer to our life goals of mature character, loving relationships and family, and making a contribution to society through creativity and mastery. We experience lasting joy and happiness to the degree that we achieve these life goals.