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Filial Devotion

The desire to be in a true relationship with our Heavenly Parent is manifested in filial devotion. Filial sons and daughters focus their attention on the heart of the Heavenly Parent. They think about Heavenly Parent's heart, dream, and circumstances.

We need more than a conceptual idea of our Heavenly Parent’s Heart. We need to feel Heavenly Parent’s Heart, to sacrifice ourselves for others, and understand Heavenly Parent’s will. Empathy of heart with our Heavenly Parent comes from experiencing faith in action. When we feel God's Heart, we want to do more for others. Our faith in God should take us beyond our own salvation to the desire to see the salvation of others through ardent prayer. We need to gradually increase our scope of care to the entire world, learning to embrace anyone.

Filial children inherit their parent's internal legacy. God is our Parent. Our Heavenly Parent's hope is to have a unique parent and child relationship with each and every person. At the time of creation, God said everything was good. This is God's hope. Heavenly Parent's legacy is continual suffering in the hope of one day seeing the world of goodness and peace where each person experiences fulfillment and Heart.

If this all makes sense to you and if you would like to have fun playing a board game based on family values and filial devotion, then guess what? We have a new game! It's called Filial Devotion. The object of the game is to strive to reach the highest level of Heart while collecting Fulfillment Points (FPs) along the way

  • Have Fun Strategizing Multiple Ways to Attain Noble Goals

  • Encourages Virtues, Service, Good Habits, & Joyful Thriving

  • Brings Awareness to Filial Piety and God's All-Loving Heart