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Introduction to the Thriving HEART Course

The Thriving HEART Course represents an updating and expansion of material first developed in the 1990s in response to the disintegration of much of the communist world where its youth were crying out for educational materials that would address moral and ethical concerns left unanswered by a discredited Marxist-Leninist ideology.

We presently see the increasing attacks on fundamental values that have been at the foundation of our culture: values concerning morality, marriage and family, and personal freedoms. In this light, a material originally developed in response to the spiritual hunger of a collapsing communist society may be well-suited, albeit with revisions, to address our current educational system.

Thriving HEART lessons introduce ideas for educating with heart.

Thriving HEART Playlists

Playlists 1 - 4 are valuable for general knowledge for anyone who cares about the future of our young people.

A Balanced Education

The goal of education has three main fields of training: the individual aspect, the social aspect, and the vocational aspect.

A Virtuous Education

A Virtuous Education cultivates a culture of heart. The principles of love guide us as we develop our innate potential.

Well-Being and Fulfillment

We explore and give examples of each of the five pillars of positive psychology (PERMA) and how it applies to education.

Creativity and Mastery

Here we discuss different areas of intelligence plus the role of teachers and parents. Creative and productive learning and life goals are reviewed as well.

The Heart Certificate

Playlist 5 introduces the Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate program for high school students. The objective of this program is to gain badges and earn awards while on a strengths-based journey that builds passion and develops purpose.

The Certificate of HEART can be attained in less than 20 minutes a day although our hope is that students get interested in a project or activity and forget about time.

The Certificate of HEART can be utilized as an extra-curricular club during the school year or for summer enrichment. It strengthens academic learning both for students attending a school and homeschooling families.

Thriving HEART - Life Goals Approach

Our guiding value is the Life Goals Approach. In a nutshell, that means achieving individual maturity, cultivating harmonious and loving relationships, and making a valuable contribution to society.

Through authentic learning, we empower learners with a broad scope of ideas, concepts, designs, facts, etc. for them to stimulate their interests.

Thriving HEART - Motto

Heart is the irresistible impulse to find joy through loving and being loved (it is the why we live). Joy is the purpose of life (specifically what we live for). Love is the way heart can reach its goal (It's how we live). Ethical norms guide the focus of our love (It's for whom we live).


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