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S!NERGY: students x ideas x energy

What is S!NERGY?

S!nergy is an event initiated by the International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP or YSP) in Japan and has started to spread to the other countries IAYSP is working in. It is a platform for students to share their projects and ideas in a professional setting. A group of judges made up of distinguished leaders of the community vote along with the audience on the best idea and presentation. The winner receives a grant to help further their idea or project.

S!NERGY Competition

IAYSP in the USA is excited to host a S!NERGY event this December of 2020! This is open to all youth and young adults living in the United States. The competition will be held virtually online. The top presenter from the USA S!NERGY event and the Canada S!NERGY event will go on to present on the Regional Level in January 2021, then the top Regional presenter will go on to the International Level in February 2021. Cash prizes will be given at each level.

Entering this S!NERGY competition is FREE. To compete, first, submit a recorded video of your presentation. The deadline for recorded presentation submissions is December 19, 2020, at 11:59 pm PST. Top presentations will be chosen by a committee and presented live online to a panel of judges on December 26, 2020.

Presentation Theme: The Role of Youth in Resolving Conflicts and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals ~ Toward the Peaceful World of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, and Universal Values~

Who Can Participate?

Anyone under age 13-39 is eligible to compete, but must first sign up to be a member of IAYSP and learn the YSP Peace Perspective (through this video) before sending in submissions.

Submitting a Presentation

Click Here to submit your information, video recording of your presentation proposal, script, and slide presentation. The submitted video needs to be 4 minutes or shorter and have your presentation slides recorded with your voice speaking as the slides move. (This can be done with a zoom account or PowerPoint program)

After the submissions are reviewed the top presenters will be notified within a week after the submission deadline. The 3 top submissions will be chosen and the speakers will present live online to a panel of judges. The live presentations need to be 7-10 minutes long and points will be taken off if they go over 10 minutes.

Example submission video

Presentation Guidelines

•Presenter must be under age 40 and have learned the YSP Peace Perspective (watch this video)

•Content should be a proposal of a project or idea to create peace and a better society

•Submission presentation needs to be 4 minutes or less

•Clearly states the issue you are trying to address

•Clearly states your proposal to address the issue

•Share a personal connection with the issue and how it affects you and others

•Supports at least one Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

•Presentation has a clear theme and is related to the theme indicated for the event

•Keep slides simple and clean

•Do not use copyrighted images

•Make sure any facts and statements are accurate

•Use clear, readable fonts for your slides

Presentations will be judged on:

  • Inspiration (heart, spirit, emotion, energy)

  • Content (importance, urgency, and feasibility)

  • Delivery (quality of slides, voice articulation)


Mission of YSP

To advance world peace by empowering youth and students to become global citizens through character education and peace projects supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Robert Kittel, YSP International President, explains:

“What if the next generation of young people, our future leaders, grew up with a global mindset where they think of others more than themselves? In essence, isn't this the heart that makes a hero? What if such "heroes" became business owners, educators, doctors, politicians, environmentalists, and public service workers? Wouldn't this culture of heroes bring about sustainable peace in families, societies, nations, and the world? The vision of Youth and Students for Peace is to create a culture of peace in every part of the world where it becomes a norm to seek the benefit of others even above myself.”

Values of YSP





Peace Perspective of YSP

Peace is typically understood as an absence of conflict or war. However, being in a static state of no conflict does not create true peace. Peace requires a dynamic relationship of harmony where two entities are working together in a mutually beneficial way. The driving force for harmony is the intention of living for the sake of others, or in short, love. Without love, there is no harmony, and there is no peace.

In YSP we have 3 main areas of peace that we focus on. The first is peace within ourselves, which is having harmony between our conscience and our actions. The second is peace with others, which involves building healthy relations with our family, our peers, and our community. And the third is peace with our physical environment, which includes taking care of our home, our neighborhood, and the natural world.

YSP shares and applies this perspective of peace with young people through our character education programs and peace designer seminars. President Theodore Roosevelt once said,

“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society”.

Through character education, we equip youth to practice good morals in all aspects of their lives, and through the Peace Projects, we have them practice peace proactively in their communities through service. A culture of service and living for others is the key to sustainable peace. The more we can reach the youth with this message and training, the more we can secure a peaceful future.


Know a young person who serves the community and deserves to be recognized? Nominate them for the Youth Heroes’ Award!