• Uplifting Education

Success for the Greater Good

We all have natural desires for creativity and mastery that are realized through education, training, and practice. This dimension of education involves academic education, the acquisition of knowledge in subjects such as the natural and social sciences, history, mathematics and literature. It also includes technical education in practical fields such as engineering, medicine, law, and computer technology. Finally, it involves education in the arts and physical education.

Attitude of Living for a Greater Purpose

On the foundation of good character and guided by a loving heart, we can balance our desire for personal success with the larger purpose of bringing benefit to others. In this way, our work and creativity can have value to the society and world. We should never allow our personal ambition to cause the exploitation of others, to misuse public funds, or to engage in other deceitful activity.

Although important, mastery alone does not necessarily bring success to an endeavor. Attitudes of the heart, the ability to form good relationships, and the ethical and humane treatment of others provide moral guidelines for the use of our technical expertise to benefit society as well as achieve personal fulfillment.

Purpose of Mastery

Developing our mastery on the foundation of a loving heart and mature character results in becoming a person who is able to make a significant contribution to the society and world, whether in the area of technical achievement, voluntary associations, or preserving the environment. By raising up such individuals, we can be assured that our knowledge and technology will never be misused, but always be directed towards the greater good.