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The Holy Community of Heart is Launching

Are you someone who is yearning for more heart? Do you have a desire to achieve bigger goals and dreams for your life, relationships, and endeavors? Are you ready to take it ALL to the next level?

Over the past few weeks, we have taken part in a challenge that has inspired us to level up in our own work which can be summarized in our future based mission: Our vision is to build a world of peace through stronger marriages and healthier families. Our goal is to ensure that 430 couples renew and dedicate their marriage to a greater purpose who then go all out to guide 430 more couples toward a rebirth until we collectively reach 1 million couples in America and rejuvenate 124 million families worldwide.

If you have followed our work, if you are passionate about the “Life Goals Approach” (maturing your heart, developing wholesome relationships, and enhancing the lives of others through your unique contributions), then we would love for you to become members of our brand-new tribe as we take everything to next level to serve you with FREE tools and resources to help you achieve the positive future you desire.

Click here to join our brand-new group: Holy Community of Heart.

Join us in going to the next level.