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Winter Weather Keeping Your Kids Indoors? These Tips Can Keep Them Entertained

With the fall and winter months come lots of opportunities for enjoying time as a family. If the cooler temperatures are preventing you and your kids from getting outside for some fun, however, know that there are some pretty amazing and educational ways you can all stay entertained indoors. So, the next time Jack Frost has your little ones stuck indoors, be prepared to help them weather the storm with these handy tips.

Turn on Your TV to Turn on Some Snow-Day Fun

Okay, so watching TV shows and movies is not the most creative or productive way to keep your family entertained on chilly days. With one of the latest streaming sticks, however, you can use your TV for so much more than your usual entertainment. You can use a streaming service to listen to music, follow along with family-friendly workouts, and find videos to help you with your craft projects. As an added bonus, if you pick up a portable streaming stick or device, you can also take it with you during your holiday travels and family vacations for a clever way to keep kids entertained in the car or on the plane. Need to keep your kids occupied while you work or complete other tasks? You can also use your streaming stick to let them watch educational programs, which can help kids learn about STEM and other subjects.

Have Your Kids Help Prepare Meals in the Kitchen

Did you know that learning how to cook and prepare food can have some serious benefits for your children? Spending time in the kitchen with your kids not only counts as quality family time, but following along with recipes can also help kids of all ages improve their math, science, and reading skills. If you struggle with picky eaters, having kids prepare their own meals can also help them develop a taste for different foods, which can save you a ton of stress. Before your kids get in the kitchen on those colder days be sure to go over kitchen safety tips, so you can avoid having your activity spoiled by an accident or illness. You can also avoid mishaps by only assigning age-appropriate tasks to children as the learn how to cook with you.

Find Other Ways to Create Family Fun in Your Kitchen

Preparing kid-friendly recipes can be a blast for your family on those blustery days, but you should know that your kitchen can provide even more ideas for snow day fun. For example, you can use kitchen ingredients for some impromptu arts and crafts that will keep your kids entertained, and will also be easy on your budget. Want to really wow your kids? Try turning some of their leftover Halloween candy into colorful and completely edible slime! Of course, cooking or crafting is bound to leave some messes around your kitchen, but you don’t have to stress about cleaning them up alone, especially when you have some tricks up your sleeves to turn all of those chores into fun for your children.

Encourage Your Kids to Spend Time Indoors Reading

Reading is important for children and adults. So, use those colder days to help inspire a love of reading in your children! You can read books with your young children or have older children read on their own. If your children are not ready for reading just yet, you can also keep some picture books on-hand for an educational way to spend time together as a family. Classics like Stone Soup and The Lorax allow kids to explore stories through engaging artwork and some provide words so you can narrate these timeless tales to your kids. To really get kids excited about reading on wintery days, you can also consider creating a reading nook in your home.

When the weather outside is frightful, don’t let the thought of keeping your kids cause you distress. Be better prepared for those days inside together by planning for some exciting activities that will keep your family having fun, and keep kids learning in the process!

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Article Contributed by Carrie Spencer