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"Uplifting Education offers a very different approach than the other online schools featured here. It... strives to bring more than purely academic materials to the student’s consciousness ...  ES

Homeschool Magazine

"As a teacher, I am always curious to know what’s out there for students. As a parent, I am constantly looking for the best programs and curriculum to use with my children.  I was pleased to find Uplifting Education. I researched the curriculum and looked deeply into the program from both a parent’s eye and a teacher’s perspective, and I was amazed at how well it serves all students. 

The motivating curriculum allows students to engage themselves. It also provides students with a wide array of choice while offering a challenging environment that supports their overall growth. 

The best part about the program is that it can be personalized for anybody with its astonishing ability to differentiate instruction according to ones’ learning style and needs. I would highly recommend this program to any parent or teacher who would like to give their students a high-quality education."


Check out Uplifting Education and see if you believe Uplifting Education stands apart from other distance programs. We were certainly impressed." 

""I read through your description on your website and am very impressed. I very much appreciate your educational philosophy and approach... Thanks again… for the great work you are doing to help educate kids."


- Jeff Rice -Founder/Director APLUS+  
Personalized Learning Movement 

"The customer service at Uplifting Education is wonderful. I usually e-mail and get an answer the same day or the next. Mrs. Sabo is very helpful and does a great job getting you started and helping with any future questions you may have. I highly recommend Uplifting Education."

- Tina from Montana
- Homeschooling Parent and Public School Teacher
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