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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework

Deep Engagement

Deep Engagement goes hand in hand with learning. In a digital learning environment, engagement is vital especially since students can be pacified with social media or enticing video games even though these choices often leave students feeling empty and lonely.


A sense of belonging, feeling optimistic, good collaboration, critical thinking, and the opportunity to explore interests contribute to a deep engagement. This kind of personalized learning gives students a measurable impact.

Student Agency

Student agency implies the student can take an active role in their learning through voice and a choice, in the process. The playlists are set up to allow the students to choose when and what they do while encouraging their strengths and interests.

Student Agency is supported by reflective journaling, goal setting and tracking, and a powerful digital portfolio along with competency badges, awards, and certificates.

SEL Competencies

The playlists help implement SEL competencies relative to the student such as: self-management. relationship skills, responsible decision-making, a growth mindset, an attitude of gratitude, and a heart of respect and empathy.

Strength-Based Journey

Our strength-based journey has the development of the whole child and the discovery of passion and purpose as the focus.
- Students feel empowered in their learning through taking responsibility, gaining confidence, and setting goals. 
-The playlists provide academic enrichment and cultivate goodness and universally shared values.




Students gain Self-Awareness through the following assessments.

-The Strength Assessment gives an uplifting evaluation of each student’s innate strengths.
- The MIDAS assessment helps students to identify and understand the ways in which they best learn. 
- The THOMAS Assessment helps students measure and develop effective Habits of Mind needed to tackle complex problems under challenging conditions.
- The Interest Profiler is a valuable tool in helping students find potential career pathways that naturally align with them, based on their interests.

Skills for Success

Skills for success can be  be developed and applicable in every profession. We hope our students feel content and secure by opening as many doors to opportunity as possible by learning valuable life skills.


Skills for success in the workforce and in life are strengthened through the playlists with guidance in life skills, collaboration, social skills, problem solving, initiative, and leadership.

Social Awareness

Through the organized and supported pathway of the playlists, social awareness occurs through discovering strengths, gaining self-confidence, and increasing identity as well as a sense of purpose and the ability to manage emotions.

Student Outcomes

Student outcomes intended by the completion of the playlists include emotional security, positive well-being, resilience, meaningful achievement, honorable character and especially, a growth of HEART.

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