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Awaken Your Parenting Ability

Connect in heart with your teen to maximize their potential with a "Parenting Roadmap"

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Free Course for Parents, Teachers, and Youth Leaders

Gain the confidence to meet the challenges and cherish the joys that accompany the teenage years

Thriving HEART Course

The goal of education has three main fields of training: the individual aspect, the social aspect, and the vocational aspect.
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A Virtuous Education cultivates a culture of heart. The principles of love guide us as we develop our innate potential.
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We will explore and give examples of each of the five pillars of positive psychology (PERMA) and how it applies to education.
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Here we discuss different areas of intelligence plus  the role of teachers and parents. Creative and productive learning and life goals are reviewed as well.
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We review the details of the Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate including the SEL Framework, Yearly Progression, Award, Checklists, & how to get started.
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