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The "World and I" Cross-Curricular Online Resource


The World and I Online Resource has been accumulating a wealth of timeless articles written by scholars and experts and features more than 8,000 cultural images, 2,000 teacher lesson plans, book reviews, original multimedia applications, and Special Collections of theme based articles.  A choice of teacher’s guide activities are categorized by the National Standards. The World and I offers a free weekly English as a Second Language online program. (ESLTour) and a free weekly Spanish Learning Program (Spanish Tour).


For an online preview and a brochure of each, click on the pictures.

World and I Online School

Search Engine – The upper right hand corner of the homepage contains a search engine that allows you to search for a specific topic or article within our archives of past issues. Type in a keyword, select the sorting method (date or relevancy), number of results listed, and date range from the pulldown menus, and click GO to view your search results. You also have the option of conducting an advanced search by clicking the link at the bottom of the Search Engine window. This allows you to search by article number, author, or title. Our search engine operates through both natural language and Boolean processing.


World Holidays – Near the top of the homepage, there is a thin brown bar with white text continuously scrolling across it. This is a daily reminder of holidays around the world. Moving your mouse over a holiday will stop the text from scrolling, and a small window will pop up with a brief description of the holiday.


Current Issue – contains a great deal of archived content, but it is also a magazine-based resource, updated with a new issue every month during the academic year. Near the top left of the homepage is an icon labeled Current Issue. Click on this icon to be taken to an index of the articles from this month’s issue. The articles are organized into several categories: Current Issues, Life, Book World, The Arts, Natural Science, Culture, Currents in Modern Thought, and Rediscovering the Civil War.


Headlines in Review - Near the top of the sidebar on the left hand side of the homepage, there is an icon labeled Headlines in Review. This section contains a listing of the top worldwide news developments, updated on a weekly basis. Once you have entered the Headlines in Review section by clicking the icon on the homepage, click on the title of any article to be taken to the full version.


eLibrary - In the sidebar on the left hand side of the homepage, you will find an icon labeled The World & I eLibrary. If you click this icon, you will be taken to the main eLibrary page. The World & I has been a monthly publication since 1986, and the eLibrary is an archive of all past issues, allowing you to browse our articles by issue. The right side of the main eLibrary page has a list of years, from 1986 to the current year. Select a year by clicking on it, and you will see icons of the cover of each issue from that year. Click on a cover to be taken to Table of Contents for that issue.


Book Reviews - The Book Reviews section is represented by an icon in the sidebar on the right hand side of the homepage. This section allows you to search for reviews of over 2,000 fiction and nonfiction titles. Simply click the icon on the homepage to be taken to the main Book Reviews page. The top of the main page contains three separate search fields: Subject, Title, and Author (last name only). Fill in one of these search fields and click Search to be taken to a list of results.


Feature Stories - At the bottom of the center part of the home page, you will find two sections called Today’s Feature Story and Feature Stories This Month. The Feature Stories This Month section highlights articles from the current month’s magazine issue. Today’s Feature Story highlights one of these articles, and rotates every day.


Crossword Puzzles – In the bottom right corner of the homepage is an icon labeled Crossword Puzzles. You may click this icon to be taken to a page that contains a series of articles, accompanied by crossword puzzles. These exercises are designed to improve vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. To open an article, simply click on its title. To open the associated crossword puzzle, click on the Print version icon next to each article and you will be taken to a printer-friendly puzzle page. The crossword puzzle archives are organized by subject, and can be accessed by clicking on one of the subjects at the top of the main Crossword Puzzles page. This section is designed for students to access the crossword exercises; teachers may refer to the Teacher’s Corner section for solutions to the puzzles, as well as the associated articles.


And Much More Here.  Be sure to scroll down the bar to the right.

World and I Kids is an unprecedented interdisciplinary resource that aims to provide elementary-level students and teachers with original content and unique features that service both academic and character education needs.


This educational resource for students in grades 2-8 presents profiles of accomplished figures throughout history, daily inspirational quotations with guidance notes, thought-provoking interactive scenarios to help your child to learn appropriate ways to react in a variety of situations, multicultural folktales, stunning image galleries from museums around the world, and much more! 


History Makers presents profiles of important figures throughout history. These helpful bios include informative pictures, famous quotes, and quizzes.


Inspire! provides inspirational quotations, posted daily during weekdays, that are sure to brighten your child's day! Each quotation comes with a clipart image and a few paragraphs to help students connect it to their daily lives. 


Did You Know? delivers fascinating facts about Amazing Places, Strange Science, Incredible Individuals, Awesome Art, and Wacky Words, one per weekday.


What If? lets our students explore scenarios that might arise in their daily lives. This interactive feature offers a situation to spur thought and discussion. 


Folktales features engaging stories from regions around the world. Folktales are a wonderful way to explore other cultures and have fun doing it! 


Cyber Exhibits showcases quality images from galleries around the world! All exhibits are paired with useful information and questions to spur creativity.


Kids Report: A global newspaper by and for kids.


Most Respected: profiles of most beloved historical and cultural icons by country and gives students an insight into some of the world's most admired figures and why they are lauded by their respective countries.


World of Nature: fun science articles at age-appropriate reading levels


Treasures of the WorldNow your children can explore the world's amazing man-made artifacts. Points of interest are pinned on a world map and accompanied by beautiful photographs and information about their history and cultural significance. Students will not only become familiar with world geography within weeks, but they will also become citizens of the world, learning a vast amount of cultural histories and customs! 


Create Your Own Company: explores key industries and their select companies. It gives students an inside look at some of today's most successful businesses. Students can learn all about the humble origins, great strides, and even setbacks of hundreds of companies. They can then create their own company, planning out a name, their desired position, and how their company might benefit the community and the world. They can even design a company logo! Create Your Company serves as a guiding light and helps your students to develop a vision for their future!


In addition to the above features, will provide select content from, including Global Culture Studies and the entire World Gallery.


You may also sign up for daily highlights of World & I Kids as a special service. These updates highlight articles from each section of the Kids site, including: History Makers, Inspire!, Did you know?, What if?, Folktales, and Cyber Exhibits. 


In addition to its already groundbreaking content, The World and I Kids will be adding even more exciting features in the coming months. The forthcoming Wonderful World showcases videos of astounding people, places, and performances from around the world. 


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