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Yearly Progression Sequence

Successful Teenagers
1st Year
Uplifting Education High School Advisory's 1st year of advisory is dedicated to fostering great relationships and getting students to embrace to idea of being responsible for their own learning. Our students get the sense of Uplifting Education’s philosophy, culture, and structures.  The year begins with the students doing a great deal of interest exploration activities and assessments of their learning styles & strengths. 
The focus for the Habits of Mind are "Persisting", "Listening With Understanding And Empathy", "Thinking Flexibly", and "Thinking About Your Thinking",

Students work on their Communication and Expression Badge while developing good character and the ability to recognize and appreciate what is good and beautiful in life and in learning. 

The advisory theme for the 1st Year delves into the study of the insightful "Hero's Journey" and how it applies to their lives. This year, students explore who they are as well as how to articulate that to others as they build on the competencies for social emotional learning. In addition, they start on a strengths-empowered journey. set powerful goals and discover how their passion can fuel their future.
Distance Learning
2nd Year
Uplifting Education’s High School Advisory's 2nd year advisory students have a better understand of how to take responsibility for their own learning.  The experience is manifested in the way they interact with their Advisors, mentors, and peers.  The focus for the Habits of Mind are "Striving for Accuracy", "Questioning and Problem Posing", "Gathering Data Through All Senses", and     "Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations". 

The service and strength-based projects are the students’ opportunity to demonstrate that they have taken responsibility for their own learning and that Uplifting Education Advisory is working for them. 
Students continue to grow their hearts and improve their skills as they work on badges and awards guided by their advisory.  

The advisory theme for the 2nd year is the "Journey of Purpose". This year, students improve their public speaking and learn about personality types. They are introduced to college and career opportunities based on their passion.  They deepen their skill development across social-emotional, workforce readiness, and interpersonal skill areas to enable success both in and outside of the classroom. 
Students Sitting on Staircase
3rd Year

Uplifting Education High School Advisory's 3rd year of advisory is about moving forward with post high school expectations and further demonstration of the values that were imparted in the previous two years. In the meantime, guided by the advisories to create good habits, students should be well on their path toward becoming creative innovators, effective communicators, critical thinkers, and productive collaborators. ​

Support is available to all students to increase social and emotional learning  by gaining a fuller understanding of themselves, practicing self-advocacy, building valuable life skills, and preparing for their future.

The advisory theme for the 3rd Year is "Optimal Living". 

This year, students will discover and learn To utilize their personal strengths, increase personal effectiveness through social emotional learning, and apply concepts to challenges they face. In addition, students are guided to work cooperatively and to demonstrate leadership, time management, and organization. They continue to take more ownership over their studies and future plans.
4th Year

The 4th year is designed for students to amalgamate the skills learned during all previous years to demonstrate competency of real-world practices in all forms of their work. During their 4th year with Uplifting Education Advisory, students focus is on their Senior Project based on their strengths and passions.  
The students continue preparing the necessary requirements for their post- school plans, and completing their Uplifting Education of Heart Certificate.  

In preparation for their service portion of their Passion Into Action Project (and future), students take a financial literacy course to learn how to develop a spending plan, borrow, and save money responsibly.

During the latter half of the year, students must engage in a rigorous but passionate writing. production, service, and engagement based on their Passion Into Action Projects. Students will be reflecting and reporting on their projects with a focus on overcoming challenges and lessons learned. 

The advisory theme for 4th Year is "Joy & Fulfillment." Their assignments include completing tasks for post- high school plans as well as their internal heart and motivation to do well.

Puzzle Pieces by Year

Anytime after three months and a student earns at least one badge, they will be sent an inspirational gift containing a puzzle box to store puzzle pieces, and a printed 100+ full color guide book that can be used to record completed lessons and activities. Each year, in July, as the yearly badges and playlists have been completed,  the following pieces of the Uplifting Education of HEART Certificate Puzzle will be sent. The puzzle pieces are numbered according to the badge initial, number, and letter. See the online guide book for details.
Puzzle Pieces by Year.png
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